joining the United Sates military as a serving soldier

July 30th, 2014  

Topic: joining the United Sates military as a serving soldier

Good evening all,

I am new to this forum so firstly i would like to say hello to all current members.

I am a serving infantryman of the New Zealand defence force and have always wondered what the correct system of application i should follow to join the US military. i understand that there are similar posts out there but was just curious if my current position would help the process along.

thank you for your time !

July 30th, 2014  
Sorry, I can't help with your question, you may receive a warmer welcome and quicker response if you introduce yourself in The Welcoming Center.

Good luck...
August 11th, 2014  
A Can of Man
There are no lateral transfers for the US military, unlike the Australian military. You would have to obtain a Green Card first, unless of course, you are a MAVNI candidate.

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