Joining German military from EU.

February 21st, 2015  

Topic: Joining German military from EU.


I am from Romania ,18 y.o. and i want to join the army , I already started joining in Romanian forces and passed medical test ...But i really started to "hate" my country and want to leave it ...I was thinking that i could go to Germany and work as a electricity technician and after 6-8y to join the army there.
I will finish high school in 4 months and then I will start searching for a job there, is a possibility that i could join the military right away ?
Or there is any other country that would allow me to enlist without citizenship
I can speak english and german.

Thanks !
February 21st, 2015  
According to the German constitution you can only join if you are a German citizen. There is actually only the French foreign legion where you have a chance. Otherwise wait until you obtain citizenship of another EU country.

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