Joining the Canadian Army Reserve

July 28th, 2004  

Topic: Joining the Canadian Army Reserve

About 2 years ago, I almost joined the Canadian Armed Forces. I would have been reg force army. But I decided not to at the time.
Now I am reconsidering signing up. Not for the RegFor, but for Reserve in the army here.

Is there anyone on the forums from Canada that would be able to help me with some questions?
July 29th, 2004  
Well, guess not then!
July 29th, 2004  
There are a couple of Canadians on these forums, but I'm not sure who all of them are.
August 3rd, 2004  
I think I can help you out there, ntt.

All you have to do is go to your local CFRC (Canadian Forces Recuiting Center) and get the papers to enlist in the CF Army Reserves.

I just recently went throught the same thing except, as my name says, I went Navy ROTP. All you have to do on the first set of forms they give you to fill out is mark off the Army, NCM (or Officer), and Primary Reserves blocks and you're on your way to becoming a member of the Canadian Forces. All you have to do after that is do an aptitude test, a medical exam, an interview and a Physical Fitness Evaluation.

Either way, I hope this helps and I hope to see you at the CFLRS in Saint Jean, QC for Basic Military Training.