Jodies for drill meets.

Jodies for drill meets.
December 20th, 2009  
FL-034 Drill Commander

Topic: Jodies for drill meets.

Jodies for drill meets.
I am the drill team commander and i need short awsome jody for the air force JROTC for when we win an award and we walk up to accept it. I want something short to help us look good, any help would be greatly appreciated.
December 24th, 2009  
umm this one isn't exactly short, but we think it's pretty awesome....OH-011 does this wherever we go....

Everywhere we go
people want to know
Who we are
So we tell them
We’re not the Army
The backpackin’ Army
We’re not the Navy
The deck-swabbin’ Navy
We’re not the Coast Guard
They don’t even work hard
We’re not the Mo-rines
They don’t even look mean
We are the Air Force
The high-flyin’ Air Force
Sound Off
Bring it on down
1-2-3-4 Reserve Officer’s Training Corps.
August 26th, 2010  

Topic: jodies

IM the Drill Camander at KY-20021 and thes are some good short ones
A Yellow Bird
A yellow bird,
with a yellow bill.
He landed on
My window sill.
I coaxed him in.
With a piece of bread,
and then I smashed his
Little head! (Stomp your falling foot in unison)

I called the doctor.
The doctor said.
My dear good man.
This bird is dead.
A Tiny Mouse
A tiny mouse,
With tiny feet,
Was lying on,
My toilet seat.

I pushed it in,
And I flushed it down.
The little mouse,
Went round and round.

Looking Good
Standing tall and looking good,
We ought to be in Hollywood.

Dress it right and cover down,
Forty inches all around.

Nine in the front and six to the rear,
That's the way we do it here.

Hold your head and hold it high,
cause we ar--e marching by.
Jodies for drill meets.
September 28th, 2010  
April 15th, 2015  

I am an officer in FL-031 and this is a jody that we commonly use... Hope it comes in handy! It is all started on the left foot and the group responds on the left foot.


Count to the left and count ca-dence count
I can't he-ar you
A little bit louder now
Make me proud now
All to-gether now
One. Two. Three. Four. Reserve Officer Training Corps (each word on each foot consecutively)

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