Jobs in Grafenwöhr?

October 7th, 2009  

Topic: Jobs in Grafenwöhr?

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to start by introducing myself. I'm a recent college grad who is considering civilian employment in Germany. I met up with an old friend of mine on Facebook who is stationed in Grafenwohr now. He knows that I really wanna go back to Europe and that I have different plans to get back. He told me of civilian jobs in the Army and told me where to go apply. I applied for several. He then offered to sponsor me and let me stay with him in Grafenwohr until things worked out and I find a job. He also asked someone else there and they, and he, said that I could easily get a job at the PX to get my foot in the door then It would be easier to get other jobs since I'd already be in the system.

Additional information:
My friend has been in the military since he was like 17 or 18. We're both the same age. I'm 27.
My older sister has been in the military for about 20 years.
Also, I have another friend who is in the military who is about 31, 32 years old. So I have some experience with military people.

I studied on exchange in France during the 07-08 year. I lived there for 9 months. I've been to Belgium, the Netherlands, and Spain. So I already know how life is in Europe.

I have some questions.

I talked to my sister and she pretty much said the same thing as my two friends said. But also, she said it would be better to, or try to, secure employment before I leave. At the same time, my friends said I could just come there and get a job at the PX. Is this true? Like, would I be able to go there and find a job kinda easily? I've applied for several jobs on and they all require that you're in the commuting area of the job to be considered. So, I guess this would support what he says.

I'm doing as much research as I can so I can make and informed decision. If I were to get there and find a job, where would i live? Would I be able to live on base or would I have to live off it?

How would I be able to secure employment before I leave if all jobs say they will only consider if you're in commuting distance from them?

I know I have lots of questions. It's just that if I were to do this i'd have to sell my car in order to be able to afford to go. So i want to be sure before I make such a move.
October 8th, 2009  
Welcome. I moved this to the Welcoming Center because it seemed more appropriate.
October 8th, 2009  
October 8th, 2009  
Team Infidel
October 8th, 2009  
Welcome and I hope you find answers for your questions.

Good luck!
October 8th, 2009  
Cne C
October 14th, 2009  
Welcome aboard
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Welcome aboard, DiscoverPlatinum.

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