japanese writer suggests few ways to defend aginist china

April 28th, 2005  

Topic: japanese writer suggests few ways to defend aginist china

if u read the beginning, ull think its chinese propanganda, read the whole thing and then tell me what you think of it

by Guest Columnist:
Adam Teiichi Yoshida
The greatest long-term threat to the United States is not the challenge of Islam, but the danger of a rising China. As things stand, if China can maintain its present rate of growth, its economy should overtake the United States economically some time towards the middle of this century (and perhaps much sooner). China’s military ascendancy will take a little longer but, even as things stand today, the People’s Liberation Army is probably powerful enough to defeat any other nation in its home region and Chinese power as a whole is sufficient to utterly destroy any neighbouring nation in the region, probably including Taiwan and Japan.

I’m not even sure if the United States, as things stand today, could beat China in any plausible war. A repeat of the later stages of the Korean War, with hundreds of thousands of Chinese troops fighting alongside the North Koreans, would be much bloodier and more difficult than the last and, while the United States probably has sufficient naval power to defend Taiwan from invasion, I strongly doubt if the American people (in their present condition) would tolerate the loss of one or more Aircraft Carriers in the defense of a small Asian island.

This is not to say that I expect to see Chinese military aggression in the immediate future: that, in fact, is part of the problem. The Chinese are too smart to allow their rise to be forestalled by the taking of a premature aggressive military action. When they move, they will move with overwhelming and irresistible force. When the Chinese come for Taiwan, they will be in a position where they are assured of victory.

The longer China is allowed to grow in peace the more likely it becomes that, before the century is out, Chinese power will be greater than that of the United States and that, commensurate with that revolution in world affairs, Chinese civilization will replace Western civilization in this world. Chinese, not English, will be the lingua franca of the world, as Chinese commerce and culture supplant American. As China’s military power grows, America will not be able to act without its consent. Chinese boots will be those to set foot on far-away worlds as a wealthy Chinese superpowers uses its fortunes to fund an aggressive program of space exploration and (more importantly) colonization. A Chinese superpower will, in other words, play America’s role in the world only without the sort of restraint sadly shown by the United States.

Now some will respond to this by saying: well, you might be right, but what’s wrong with China being more powerful than America? You’re just being a racist! To these individuals I say this: call me what you like, but I do not consider it tolerable that the generations that come after us shall live in a world ruled by the Chinese! That they shall grow up speaking Chinese and, over time, that they shall lose the three thousand year heritage of liberty that is peculiarly ours in the West. Ours and ours alone. Others can join us: but we shall never join them.

Silly white men with guilt complexes like to assuage themselves by saying that it doesn’t matter who runs the world or what language they speak, or what culture they come from- but anyone with a lick of sense knows that it does.

What, then, is to be done about China? How are they to be stopped?

I’ve laid out this program before: there is only one option short of all-out nuclear war which can acceptably retard China’s progress. The Chinese state must be subverted, the Chinese economy must be sabotaged, and a program of covert action must be developed and implemented with the ultimate goal of fracturing the Chinese nation into a number of weakened, unstable, and perpetually warring states.

Our work begins with spies. A nation as large as China is bound of have plenty of discontent individuals, both within the government and without. Many of these are likely to be sympathetic to the West and looking to emulate it. This instinct can be successfully exploited.

An all-out espionage assault must be our first step in the undermining of China. Agents should be recruited as rapidly as possible. It doesn’t matter too much if they’re well-placed, at least at first, because the higher goal is subversion, rather than the collection of information. Some will be sacrificed over time. Others will be closely guarded and later allowed to defect to great acclaim to serve as examples to future recruits.

I don’t believe that the Chinese have gotten over all of their Maoist instincts quite yet. Agents recruited who prove to be of little use could be deliberately exposed to other agents (preferably in Chinese counter-intelligence) in order to boost the credibility of said agents to allow them to make covert (and false) accusations of treason against other individuals. Given Chinese standards of justice, such false accusations seem much more likely to be successful. Then, in turn, the counter-intelligence officers recruited to serve as agents could be exposed as spies themselves, thereby increasing Chinese paranoia.

With a little luck, we might even be able to set of waves of purges and other types of fascist unpleasantness among the Chinese elite. Of course, mind games alone will be of limited utility. When it comes to slowing the Chinese juggernaut, warm lead and cold steel will be substantially more useful.

Massive covert subsidies could be made available to Falun Gong followers. Not, of course, out of any love for that weirdo cult- but for the very reason that the cultish nature of the group makes it useful for sowing disruption in China. As thing stand, there are millions of Falun Gong followers in China- some of whom have even resorted to mass suicide as a form of protest. I’m not really all that sure of what exactly they’d do with massive financial support (and perhaps weapons as well), but I don’t imagine it would be all that pleasant for the Chinese people as a whole.

Another major program would be the covert financing (and equipping) of Islamic terrorists in Western China. Moslem fanatics in some areas of China would be eager to take up arms against their Communist, atheist, oppressors and could be provided with aid through some convenient conduit. While it is true that such a policy has the possibility of blowback, I imagine that it would take quite some time to manifest itself. In any case, I take the same attitude here many took to the conflict between Iraq and Iran: I hope that they both lose. Quite frankly, it’s time to make China bleed a little bit.

To this end, violent resistance should also be encouraged (and funded) in Tibet. While I do not imagine that a few bands of armed fanatics will be able to make all that great an impact, I’m sure that a steady “drip-drip” of body bags flowing out of that region couldn’t exactly hurt. Perhaps we could even return previous Chinese favours by equipping some of these people with weapons that China originally sold to Iraq. I’m sure the return of these valuable items would be deeply appreciated.

An additional step is obvious to me: the covert proliferation of nuclear weapons to Taiwan. These may deter a Chinese invasion of that island. It would certainly make it infinitely more expensive. Given that Taiwan is a friendly nation, I see no reason whatsoever not to encourage this step without any delay. After all, everyone else in Asia (North Korea, China, India, Pakistan) who really wants nuclear weapons seems to already have them, I don’t see why the nations on our side shouldn’t.

Equally important in slowing China’s ascendancy will be the use of all forms of economic sabotage. While at an earlier point I suggested the repudiation of all US debts held by the Chinese, this is an extreme measure which should be resorted to only under emergency conditions.

Rather, we might begin by spreading false and malicious rumours about various Chinese commercial products. The FDA could be convinced to recall some sort of Chinese-made food product on the grounds that it is fatally poisonous. Such a move would, presumably, trigger a similar reaction all across the world. This sort of “fake recall” should be specially targeted towards infant Chinese industries or those that operate on the margins, with the hope of driving them out of business and leaving their workers unemployed. Similar warnings might be issued about various Chinese commercial products, with the attendant hope of damaging those industries.

Of course, there is no guarantee that any of this will work. If worse comes to worse, better to let the missiles fly and hope for the best than live in a world ruled by the Chinese.

This isn’t as crazy as it sounds either. China’s nuclear arsenal is much smaller than that of the United States as well as much less advanced. China lacks any strategic defenses nor is it likely to acquire any in the near future.

I do not propose an American “bolt from the blue.” However, let us consider the following scenario (proposed by John Derbyshire). China invades Taiwan. The US prepares to move forces to the region. China threatens the United States and the United States initially refuses to back down. Finally, in exasperation, the Chinese Ambassador says, “how many cities are you willing to lose over this? We ourselves are willing to lose three.”

The natural inclination in that scenario would be for the United States to back down. However, consider: with each passing day China grows stronger. If China is willing to resort to nuclear blackmail at this early stage, what will they want in ten or twenty years? What will they want when they’ve got their own defenses and a nuclear arsenal the size of that of the United States? Tribute?

If China is prepared to resort to nuclear blackmail at this early stage then we must be prepared to resort to nuclear weapons. A sufficiently well-executed first strike might well be able to prevent a single Chinese warhead from reaching an American city. In any case: if China is willing to behave in such a fashion now, when they are weaker than we, do we really want to take our chances in a world where they are stronger? If they give us the chance we need to hit them: hard.

A good target in an all-out war would be the Three Gorges Dam, the largest in the world. While massive and seemingly well-constructed, I don’t imagine that it would hold up all that well against a nuclear bomb or two. The resultant floods would be both spectacular and crippling.

I don’t advocate a land war. Nor do I advocate war as the first course of action. But we should be prepared and, more than that, we should be alert.

The Chinese threat isn’t going away. It’s growing with each passing day. It is high time that we wake up to this awful menace to Western Civilization and do something to destroy it.

Whoop Whoop, I have a crack in my armor.

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April 29th, 2005  
China having world wide political influence, yes... However i don't believe that the western nations will just speak chinese and remove their own heritage. I mean there is also a growing Europe and the EU will probably become the beacon of western influence instead of the US. Don't forget the russians, they are not gone yet and i can see them growing in strength in the future.
April 29th, 2005  
well, true, the main point of this article is to scare others with a possibile future, and in return offers some pretty bizzare and brutal solutions

lol i think he was on antifreeze when he wrote this
April 29th, 2005  
Sounds like something you would hear back in the 1950's, during the cold war in my opinion. Don't you love propaganda and scare tactics?
April 30th, 2005  
oh yes, but this guy is just psycho
April 30th, 2005  
Whispering Death
Political realities make a nuclear first strike a non-option for an American President.

But keep in mind there are writings like this for China, LOTS OF THEM. The most interesting theory I've heard is that China should nuke LA and invade Taiwan at the same time and threaten global nuclear war if the U.S. retalliates with a single nuclear weapon. Of course I'd like to think that most American presidents would launch everything in the inventory at that point at the Chinese but it's still an interesting concept.
April 30th, 2005  
really? care to show me the articles by linking ?
April 30th, 2005  
Whispering Death

You actually doubt that people have thought about how the Chinese could win a fictional war with America? How old are you?
April 30th, 2005  
ive read books but its the other way around, america wins over china in fictional stories

well, i would like some links of it, after all ive never heard of it
April 30th, 2005  
USA and China should be allies. THey'd be great together.