Japanese Mod 11 Light Machine Gun Question

December 14th, 2010  

Topic: Japanese Mod 11 Light Machine Gun Question

I volunteer at our local Military Museum her in Houma, LA. I help clean and display miltary small arms and edge weapons.

We recently got in a donation of a Japanees Model 11 Light Machine Gun. The gun is DWAT, chamber and bbl plugged, Everything functions othewise, including takedown, and barrell change.

The oiler was loosely dropped into the Magazine Hopper.

How does the Oiler Install on the Gun???

The function of the Oiler is to Lubricate each round as it is stripped from its 5 round charger strip before it is sent into the chamber of the gun, to aid in extraction of the spent round.

A schematic of the gun would be helpful, or a TM in English. or a link to any other Literature that you think might be helpful.
e-mail me @ ernestparra@yahoo.com if you can help us out, because I don't have time to check into this forum as often as I would like to.


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