Japan Military Data Leak Case Dropped

January 13th, 2008  

Topic: Japan Military Data Leak Case Dropped

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Japan Military Data Leak Case Dropped
By MARI YAMAGUCHI 2 days ago
TOKYO (AP) Japanese prosecutors have decided not to press charges against four military instructors investigated over the leak of sensitive defense data in violation of a security pact with the United States, officials said Friday.
The decision means only one officer has been indicted for allegedly leaking the information in August 2002.
In December, police asked prosecutors to take over the investigation of the four naval academy instructors and their alleged roles in leaking to students classified data involving U.S.-developed technology for Aegis radar systems. The technology is used on several Japanese and U.S. warships that carry missile interceptors.
The four men were implicated in the case after another naval officer was arrested and charged in early December. The case initially surfaced in March, when police found a computer disk containing the information, while they were conducting an unrelated investigation.
Prosecutors in Yokohama prefecture (state) near Tokyo announced Friday that they have decided not to press charges against the four instructors, a Defense Ministry spokesman said on condition of anonymity, citing internal policy. He did not provide further details about the decision.
The case has raised concerns about Japan's handling of classified military information and prompted officials to call for stricter intelligence management.
The scandal has embarrassed Japanese defense officials at a time when Tokyo and Washington are stepping up their joint missile defense system in response to North Korea's missile and nuclear tests.


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