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February 18th, 2016  

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Hello and thank you for the welcome. Much appreciated. I am a veteran now, will be officially retired soon. I was involuntarily put Out in Feb 1993 at Fort Carson illegally. At this point, I am in a lot of pain... it goes and comes; however, I am not bitter. God has been too good to me and my seedlings for me not to embrace him and constantly acknowledge that He has always had His hand in my hand.
I realize everyday that God has from when I was a wee baby, preparing me for a much needed work. Throughout this process, I do have some sleepless nights, tears that just gush or sometimes accidently slide out, no matter how difficult I make it for them to come forward.
I am just learning to share. There is healing in sharing for me. By the way. what I experienced was a "high class hanging", in 1993 with 17 years and 2 months of active duty and had just reenlisted prior to leaving Germany and receiving an additional good conduct medal.
If there is any advice backed by the regulations during that time in Feb 1993, I would be so appreciative. This is the anniversary of the horrible trauma that occurred to me. It took twelve days finally for that "witch" to take that which I invested in and put my life on the line; away from me and show me that nobody in my chain of command cared about me. Unfortunately, that was the day, I asked God, why was I born.....and I am still asking my God, my Father, my Friend, my Peace, my Joy; Sir, 'what would you have of me to do, I am totally yielded to You.' Now that is the truth as I believe what the truth is.
February 19th, 2016  
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You're welcome
February 23rd, 2016  
February 23rd, 2016  
Welcome to the forums.
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Welcome to tthe forums!
February 25th, 2016  
Welcome to IMF, Florence, I look forward to reading what you would like to share with us. It's true; sharing with others your experiences and feelings is a healing process for yourself. It may help others as well.. helping others IS a healing process for yourself. To give is to receive; we are all parts of the WHOLE.