Italy Honors Agent; U.S. Denies Deliberate Killing (Reuters

March 8th, 2005  
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Topic: Italy Honors Agent; U.S. Denies Deliberate Killing (Reuters

Reuters - Italy paid homage Monday to an
intelligence officer killed in Iraq by U.S. forces, giving him
a full state funeral as Washington denied suggestions it had
deliberately targeted the Italian agent.]Read more...[/url]
March 9th, 2005  
Italian Guy
Yeah he was treated as a national hero. Hypocritically enough, the left is praising the work done by our secret services, but that's only because he was accidentaly killed by americans. In fact our left has always considered the secret services to be Washington's long hand in Italy, and responsible for covert operations that led to terrorist attacks and stuff. Now, suddenly, they made friends. Sickening.