June 10th, 2015  

Topic: Issues

Other shit no one cares about aside. I have been to some psych wards due to reasons other than actual mental illness. They put me there mostly to help me and figure out why I did what I did. I got out. I was ****in fine. Just stupid and they still felt the need to label me with faking b******t that doesn't even mean anything other than like I get sad sometimes. Wtf is that? Can I join still? There isn't any run ins with the law that are official and recorded. No arrests or fines. Just encounters. And my ankles are messed up. I was born with bi lateral clubbed feet. If there isn't documentation on this, or if it isn't seen. If I can grind can I join, or will the people see my scars and say no. Oh and I hear that because right now isn't an all out war. Mostly missions, that there is a lot more mopping than grit work in the field. When I stop being a fatass here real soon. I want to join infantry (11b)? I saw its entry level high school and I feel like a botch sitting here knowing people do that for me and I just do shit and eat and **** around. I need to help those guys. If I join. Can I get deployed to the high risk areas or whatever overseas and help them out? Lots of military family and friends. Brother in law worked for GD overseas around Kabul or something. And his buddy George is a former army ranger or something ( throws me off because he still is enlisted, just not in combat). Shout out to rangers.

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