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March 1st, 2004  
And FARC, man I hate those guys. Part of the reason oil's so expensive here is because of freken Hugo Chavez.
March 2nd, 2004  
I'm with you Diplomatic Means, Turkey shouldn't be on that list even if they are our allies.

Sherman, are you saying your country doesn't care what other countries get weapons? Or just not care about Turkey?
March 2nd, 2004  

Topic: lol

I was kidding about that. Turky is one of Israels few and true Allies in the middle east. The Turks are US allies and a democracy.Turkys democracy and stebilety is defended fiercly by a western educated proffesional army, which is loyal to the democratic values. About Venezuela, i dont know much about it, so ill just say nothing...
September 30th, 2004  
By diplomatic_means:
Me thinks I don't like Turkey, India, or Venezuela being on that list.
Whats wrong with Israel exporting stuff to India ?