Israel's bunker bomb buy irks Iran

September 23rd, 2004  
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Topic: Israel's bunker bomb buy irks Iran

Thursday, September 23, 2004 Posted: 12:30 AM EDT (0430 GMT)

UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- Iran has said it will react "most severely" to any Israeli action against its nuclear facilities, issuing the warning after Israel said the United States was selling it 500 bunker buster bombs.

Israeli military officials said Tuesday that the Jewish state will receive nearly 5,000 smart bombs, including the 500 one-ton bombs that can destroy two-yard-thick (two-meter-thick) concrete walls.

In 1981, Israel bombed Iraq's nuclear reactor before it could begin operating.

On Wednesday Israel said that Iran would never abandon plans to develop nuclear weapons and called for quick action by the U.N. Security Council "to put an end to this nightmare"

Iran's Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi, asked Wednesday about the sale of the monster bombs, told reporters: "Israel has always been a threat, not only against Iran, but all countries...
September 23rd, 2004  
Well okay I see how it works there Ayatolla. You tell the international community to get screwed concerning your nuke problem. Then turn around and complain when the country who is under the greatest percieved threat from it takes cautionary steps. Yeah.
Hope everybodies ready for this one.