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July 24th, 2009  
we already went through this Lebanon 2006,and we already agreed that no body here actually knows what happend there,and as benaakatz said,not many tanks were completly destroyed,lets agree on that you guys do not know what happend in Lebanon ok? for the simple reason,you just dont,we already seen the Arab Propaganda,about actaully capturing and killing haunbderds of Israeli soldiers when the Death-Toll was not higher than 121in Lebanon and in Gaza the Israeli Death-Toll was less than 10(if i remember right).
July 25th, 2009  
Actually I know what happened there, I have seen the few tanks that were destroyed(total loss), I know how the the Merkava Mk 4 armor stand up to AT-14 Kornet and I have seen some of the tanks that were only hit and not penetrated, and ones that were penetrated without serious damage. Unfortunatly a great deal of this information is classified.

The Merkava Mk 4 has very very good protection. It can stand up to very violent threats in its frontal arc. What it cant do is compensate for bad tactics or poorly trained crews, which was the situation in 2006 for the 401st armored brigade which operated them. This has been more than fixed since, and putting my childish unit rivalry aside(Im from the 7th brigade), 401st is once again a top of the line armored brigade.
July 25th, 2009  
well i did not mean every-one here hehe
July 29th, 2009  
[QUOTE=Titanium;527599]Maybe the Merkava has a design more focused to desertic scenarios, hasn't it?

actually merkava designed for landscapes that full of rocks (as negev desert) (very hard for other tanks to undergo rocks).
and it is not for city fighting it about a field fighting...
August 9th, 2013  
Egyptian Soldier
All of you are just saying **** about Egypt as your info is all from Israel. I wanna tell first that our Abrams aren't junk export, they're made in Egypt with latest mods that us exports, and about our soldiers, abram crews have very high and intense training and they are very elite beyond what all of you think.
August 12th, 2013  
M1A2 and Merkava is known as best battle tank of protection in the world.
US and west Europe mocked the poor protective of Russian protective , But on the battlefield of Lebanon and Iraq, M1A2 and Merkava destroyed by anti-tank missile and IDE. Reality proof, if weak parts suffer attack , all kinds of tanks are as fragile.

Any kinds of battle tank can not endure one shoot by enemy mordernize tank, Merkava only protect the occupants die not so miserable.
The key of tank vs tank , is discover the enemy at first, and lower the possibility of be hit.

Another rivals of tanks are anti-tank missiles and artillery missiles. Merkava strong at it has "trophy" active protection system, . But I think Merkava only fit for defensive warfare, not are mainstream of tanks today.

No matter M1A2 and Merkava have their own limitations, M1A2 suit for plain. it is not the strongest in complex terrain, such as the Korean peninsula.
August 12th, 2013  
M1A2 fix the 1900 HP gas turbine on it, awesome,MA1A2 is the racing car of heavy tanks.


I like this music in vedio ,can anyboldy tell me the title name of the music? Who compose it.
November 2nd, 2013  
The Merkava is a specialist design to suit the IDF's needs from the Sinai to the Golan Heights. The Abrams is generalist design to suit the US Army's/USMC's needs through out the world. Two different weapons.

At any rate I will take the Merkava over the export model Abrams anyday.
December 6th, 2013  
If u tell me that's the Israelian are trained batter then how come they lost 2350 tank in the war of 1973 between them and Egypt and Egyptian lost 1700
December 12th, 2013  
Originally Posted by EGY
If u tell me that's the Israelian are trained batter then how come they lost 2350 tank in the war of 1973 between them and Egypt and Egyptian lost 1700
Because you are wrong.

1,063 Israeli tanks destroyed,damaged or captured out of 1,600.

2,250 Arab tanks destroyed,damaged or captured out of 3,400. (1,700 Egypt - 1,200 Syria and 500 Expeditionary)

Battle of the Sinai (Yom Kippur War) October 14, 1973
Israel lost 50 tanks out of 800.
Egypt lost 264 tanks out of 900.

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