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June 19th, 2009  
Originally Posted by benaakatz
lunatik, i was just wondering, what are turkeys main strategic threats?
Primary strategic threats, from a historic perspective, have always been Russia and Iran. Secondary threats that pose a considerable risk to our national security would have to be Kurdish Seperatism (aka a non-stable Northern Iraq), Greece and to much lesser extent Armenia, who are traditional allies/satellites of either Russia and/or the European powers that want to keep Turkey in check.
June 19th, 2009  
Originally Posted by AVON
The old Egyptian Military is part of history. The new military with F-16s, M-1s, etc. come with the American "training regiment!" Poor performances in previous conflicts came about because they accepted the Soviet system, and they did not train their people well. When a country gets American Military equipment, a training regiment up to a certain level is required.
When a country gets on America's bad side (Iran, Venezuela, etc.) training and maintenance support is withdrawn. Parts and all sorts of support will have to come from countries that also have US equipment, "if" the US does not prohibit the distribution.
So, don't depend on poorly from the Egyptians troops as part of this equation. As for the match-up between the two tanks, their crew survival is very good. If maneuvering is part of the equation, the edge goes conclusively to the M-1.
I need to change my flag to Polish, whenever i read stupid crap like that i have a problem keeping calm.

Russian training regime for professional soldiers was as high standard as US at a time (except they didnt train most of their troops to regulations) of A the problem with the Arabs is that they never trained up to any of the regimes and still dont.

Also could you please tell us why the edge goes "conclusively" to M-1 ? Why is Merkava Mk-IV significantly less manouverable?
June 19th, 2009  
actually from what i know,and i realy dont know much,so dont take it as a fact,the Merkava tank series are less manouverable.
but i think that when it comes to one-on-one,its the crew who gets better sight and pulls the triger first
June 19th, 2009  
I dont think the Mk 4 is less manuverable than any other tank. The Mk 2 was a bit sluggish, the Mk 3 was avrage. The Mk-4 has a 1500 hp engine and is very fast. In terms of obstacle cross all of them were good.
June 19th, 2009  

ANKARA - Turkish main battle tank forTurkish Armed Forces (TSK)production 1.000 tanks.
name BMC FNSS Otokar developersi and is expected TSK in 2012/ 2013.
July 20th, 2009  
As all agreed,
training in the specific battle field where the battle is supposed to go,
and good training is the key,
but let's don't forget the some human elements here .. i mean the strong Determination and will .. and that comes from the faith of the soldier in his own army leadership and the issue he is fighting for
don't forget how bad the iraqi soldiers did in 1990 when they invade kuwait ..
most of them didn't see that as right thing to do .. but they just obeyed the orders .. and we all saw what happend
July 20th, 2009  
Maybe the Merkava has a design more focused to desertic scenarios, hasn't it? As stated the crew, training and other factors will change the result, but a tank vs tank in that conditions above mentioned, I would say the Merkava.
July 20th, 2009  
Did we consider what the bad performance of the merkava in Lebanon invasion 2006 ??
that should be put in mind
do any one have some other history events that these two tanks participate in ??
we need that to judge their capabilities.
July 20th, 2009  
dr b2 that wasnt tank on tank warfare. for the most part, that was guerrillas popping up and firing some of the most advanced rusian and european anti tank missles they got from syria at the tanks at short range. ant modern tank force would tanke casualties in this scenario.

most of the few dozen tanks that got damaged were repaired. only a handfull were destroyed completely- some using huge ieds.
July 20th, 2009  
so we need a tank-on-tank warfare to determine who got the upper hand,
got your point, thanx

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