Israel vs. Palestine questions? - Page 2

October 30th, 2004  
Allright, this a back to back, but only becaus every ansawer is so long...

Now to Israeli weapons:

Rifles: The IDF uses mainly the USA made M16 famly of rifles, including the M4 Carabine, M16A2, and other weraients. The IDF also uses the Israeli made Galil rifle, and the Israeli made bulpup Tavor rifle. The IDF also uses USA made Remington M24 Sniper Weapon System, Modified Remington 700 bolt action rifles, A veraiety of Mauser SWSs, the M82A1 Hard Target rifle, and other sniper weapon systems.

MGs: The IDF uses the FN MAG, FN Minimi, the russian made PK and RPD, the Israeli made Negev, and the USA made 0.50 Browning HMG.

Wheeled Vehicles: Israel uses the USA made Hummer, and the UK made Landrover. In addition the Israeli made Sufa, essentially a Jeep copy is used.

APCs: The IDF uses mainly the USA made M113 APC, with extra armor and reacive armor added by the Israeli Military Industry. Israel also made its own line of Heavy APCs, based on captured T55 tanks, and on British made Centurion tanks.

Tanks: Israel uses mainly the Israeli made Merkava series of tanks, and also the USA made M48/M60 Patton, modified in many ways, and renamed Magach.

Artillary: Israel uses a range of Israeli made Mortars. We also make our own version of the MLRS. The IDF uses the M109 and M107 USA made SPA vehicles.

Aircraft: Israel uses mainly USA made aircraft. This includes the F15 series, with the newest version in Israeli use being the F15I Raam(Thunder) which is similar to the F15E. Israel also ha the 2nd largest fleet of F16s, with the F16I Sufa(storm) being the newest version. Also in service are the F4 Phantom and A4 Skyhawk. It should be noted that Israel very rarelrl uses its fixed winged aircraft in the territories, because of the risk to civilians. However, the Helicopters are being heavily used, and the IAF has a fleet of AH-1 Cobra and AH64 Attack Helicopters in service. Israel makes its own UAVs.