Islamic State shows burning of hostage, Jordan vows 'earth-shaking' response - Page 2

February 6th, 2015  
Originally Posted by MontyB
Personally I think you are over estimating ISIS yes they have all that you say and yet they are nothing more than an overgrown terrorist cell, they have achieved almost nothing on the battlefield and what they have gained has been gained through terror and brutality.

ISIS have achieved almost nothing against forces that are willing to fight them such as the Kurds and in most cases have been forced to withdraw.
I agree and for the most part they have made most of their gains against weak and divided forces. My point is that they have more hardware than Toyota pickups with homemade mounted machine guns. That was all.
Unfortunately nobody is willingly to fight them with substantial ground forces as Turkey or Arabia. Likely for fear of religious-political implications.
Our airstrikes hold them at bay a bit, but will never be a solution to the ISIS crisis. I hate to see my country get involved on the ground, however perhaps a limited number of special forces could go in and break their back without a long and protracted conflict, if they could do so in unison with the locals?
February 6th, 2015  
ISIS ruthlessness scares the s--t out of the rest of the Arab world there are appx. 40000 of them , a snake in a the yard sends fear through a neighborhood , ISIS is the snake the middle east is the neighborhood .
February 6th, 2015  
But in the end ISIS militarily are a joke they are fighting a Syrian army that even by generous standards are not the best and making little head way, they attack Iraq and the Iraqi's bravely ran away leaving the job to Shia militia and the Kurds who have managed to stop them and roll them back in some areas.

Now that they can not run around terrorising new areas they are making themselves busy by killing each other for watching soccer matches and any locals that happen to be passing by with the wrong sized beard or pair of breasts.
February 6th, 2015  
-- Dusty
Well, whatever they may be, I think they're in for a world of major hurt. For a long while they had Islamic supporters. But since they murdered a loyal member of the Islam, they might as well pull the pin on the grenade and do the Hari Kari, Japanese-syle.

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