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December 14th, 2004  

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FUGLYYYYYYYYY...........Bugger this...........alcohol is alcohol.........only difference is good and bad alcohol so I'll drink to that me and my JD lol
December 14th, 2004  
Originally Posted by gladius

Originally Posted by Bootboy82
we have 4 irish pubs here

The MacGowans Pub which is run by the brother of Shane MacGowan
Cool, I dig Shane MacGowan and the Pogues too, saw the Pogues twice when Shane was still with them. What city is this pub in btw.
It's in Hannover / Germany (my hometown)

some of my pals were there one night and one of them went to the restroom. while he was doing his business, he realized that the guy standing next to him was trying to get a look on my pal's 'little pal'.
He almost started to pick up a fight but suddenly he saw that it was SHANE HIMSELF 8)
December 14th, 2004  
I like irish pubs and neighbourhood bars the best places to sit down and have a few beers.

I hate night clubs because too high concentration of selfish trendic ***holes.
December 18th, 2004  
Nothing like a good night on the scoops
December 23rd, 2004  
Is there AN Irish Pub near you? No.

Several? Yes, I love St. Patricks day, fun times, I don't drink but it is fun at work, I work in a bar and it never ceases to amaze me how smart people are, or think they are, when they are drunk.
December 29th, 2004  
Didnt see much of one this xmas
January 1st, 2005  
There is Irish pubs even here in the suburbs of Cleveland but there aren't any that I can remember from my hometown of Moscow. Of course in Moscow the "ethnicity" of a pub isn't important its the price of the booze.
January 1st, 2005  
Ya I bet you there is
January 2nd, 2005  
rotc boy
well, i havent seen an irish pub near me but im not really looking seeing as im not allowed in