Irish Catholic Church concealed child abuse in 1990s (Reuters)

July 13th, 2011  
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Topic: Irish Catholic Church concealed child abuse in 1990s (Reuters)

Reuters - A government-sponsored report said on Wednesday the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in Ireland continued to conceal the sexual abuse of children by priests even after it introduced rules in the mid-1990s to protect minors.

July 16th, 2011  
I only wanted to comment, after reading that article from "Yahoo ! News", that it seems to me that the Vatican's "internal affairs" investigation team is working pretty good under the current Pope, Benedict XVI, since, I quote from the article, "The bishop formerly responsible for the diocese, John Magee, who had previously served as private secretary to three popes, falsely told the authorities that he was reporting all abuse allegations to the police, the report said.
He resigned in March last year after a Church investigation said his handling of abuse allegations had exposed children to risk." (NB: my bold-ening & underlining)

So to me it seems that the Vatican is continuing to attempt to do their best and continue not only the necessary self investigation, but also specific internal & external public information, plus practical implementation of whatever legal agreements they have been party to after the initial scandal broke out in the late '90's.

Whatever other people commented on Yahoo ! under that article, which to me seems quite politically biased since they wrote with capital letters, right under that paragraph which I quoted, "we cannot trust the church", (which is an illogical conclusion), is, for the most, pure drivel...and should be totally dismissed by any other reader passers by in regards to its informative or educative value, under the "garbage in- garbage out" evaluation norm.

Also, the sentence immediately after that "we cannot trust the church", I quote, "The report said the Vatican was "entirely unhelpful" for describing Irish church guidelines on how to deal with abuse accusations as "merely a study document." ", just doesn't make a lot of sense. Plus we don't have a link to that report itself, so we can judge for ourselves in which specific way was the Vatican entirely unhelpful.

So all in all...I have to assess that this "Yahoo ! News" article is more of a political propaganda pro Irish Justice Minister Alan Shatter, and anti-Vatican, (even anti-Catholic, which is even worse, not just unethical, but also potentially incitatively dangerous) piece.

I hasten to say I have nothing personally against Justice & Equality & Defense Minister Alan Shatter, nor against the law & order promoting populist & at times opportunistic center-right progressive Fine Gael party of the Republic of Ireland...I wish all of them and their opponents too the best in their future hopefully continually democratic & safe political "wars". I just wish that the self designated "on-line news organization" "Yahoo ! News" were more independently professional in their opinion & news pieces...unless they, (or some of their affiliates and/or subsidiaries, contractees, or employees), have signed some private yet publicly undisclosed agreements with certain national or international law enforcement organizations, thus finding themselves in some form of legal &/or ethical bind or conflict of interest in regards to their loyalties, & might be in need of some expert ethical mediation or advice/ which case I offer my services at the rate of GBP 600 per hour, payable only by certified check issued by either Chase (Manhattan) Bank or the Royal Bank of Scotland.

More Disclaimers: I am not Catholic...I have actually been told I have been baptised Eastern Christian Orthodox, just like Mrs. Rita Wilson Hanks, by my mother's own koumbara, who actually came by one day a few months after I was born, apparently spirited me away from my mother's care, took me to a local Orthodox church & had me baptised, by full immersion in a real font, subsequently safely returning me to my mother's care, however recently I have been actually investigating a possible noncoerced conversion to Reform Judaism, just like Mr. Jeff Newman, in my case because I like the Oath of Maimonides slightly better than the Hippocratic Oath, (the former seeming to me more sincerely simple than the more bureaucratic latter one), & a couple of other things, like for example the 613 types of mitzvot one could theoretically choose from (...I actually hope they are NOT ALL compulsory...) in order to ensure one's passage to Heaven/Paradise/Eden, (which to me sounds better & more practically useful & applicable than just formal obeissance to some rituals & possibly also cheaper than having to buy Indulgences), not to mention an overall extremely schadenfreude-like satisfactory way for me to annoy my current generally historically antisemitic & anti Jesuit monk Norwegian neighbors.

I have also never visited in person the Vatican City State, nor the Republic of Ireland. I was just going by reading the text of that news piece & whatever else I could find on wikipedia !

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