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January 11th, 2005  
Pogue Mahone
Originally Posted by dougal
Like your name, its like Póg mó hón, if you know what that means?
Of course I know what it means - and its meant in a good way to those who are friends - and otherwise to those who ain't
January 12th, 2005  
Good man.

No matter where you go in the world and you tell some national your Irish they always say póg mó hón, some Irish lad has already thought them to say it!!!!
January 14th, 2005  
Anyone have any opions on Ireland or Colin Farrell?
April 19th, 2005  
I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong and since no one has yet mentioned Bernadette Devlin re- pre-Bloody Sunday here go's.

Bernadett was a Uni student who attracted media attention by highlighting inequalities between the Catholic and Protestant population in Northern Ireland around 1950-60's ?.

Primarily this focused on the right to vote. EG Catholics had no rights (no vote) where as Protestants did and had two votes if they owned a business.
For thoes who like the high life with culture thrown in, Kildare has it all from two race cources (Curragh and Punchestown) miles of golf cources, not forgetting the K Club & the Curragh military camp.
Older info on;
April 21st, 2005  
It's the second best country in the world.

The rank structure goes like this

1. Australia
2. Ireland
Need I go on.

But seriously I love Ireland. I'm 3/4 Irish, hence my love of rugby and beer. My family is from County Downe in the North.
April 23rd, 2005  
Originally Posted by 03USMC
Ever hear of the Irish Guards Regiment?
There is also the Royal Irish Regiment. This was formed back in 1992 when they merged the UDR which is made up of guys from the North and the Royal Irish Rangers which was made up of guys from the South, North and the mainland. So there are citizens of Eire serving in the British Army.

And if i remember correctly, wasn't there an airbase used by the British in Eire, in Cork i think. Wasn't this where the plane that found the Bismark was based.
May 11th, 2005  

Topic: yes i love ireland

i am of Irish heritage and I dont know much about my ancestors country. it makes me sad. I someday hope to go there and see the whole country, the places where my ancestors lived and all that. I have seen pictures of Ireland though and I think that it is a wonderful looking country. my family came over here to america during the potatoe famine and sometimes I whish they would have stayed there. I think it would be cool to live in Ireland. tis an awsome country