Iraqi troops start new offensive in western Iraqi town

November 12th, 2005  
Team Infidel

Topic: Iraqi troops start new offensive in western Iraqi town

BAGHDAD, Nov. 11 (Xinhua) -- US and Iraqi troops started a large-scale
operation in a flashpoint western Iraqi city near the Syrian border on
Wednesday following a similar offensive in a nearby town, the US military
said on Friday.
"Iraqi army soldiers and US forces have begun clear-and-hold operations
in the city of Karabilah near Husaybah town, close to the Syrian border,"
the US military said in a statement.
The offensive is the continuation of Operation Steel Curtain, which was
staged by the US-Iraqi forces in Husaybah, as intelligence services said
some insurgents, driven out of Husaybah, fled to nearby Karabilah.
On Tuesday night, the US military announced the end of Operation Steel
Curtain in Husaybah, but said that the Iraqi forces were preparing for a
permanent security presence in the area to prevent insurgent re-entry.
Since entering Karabilah on Wednesday afternoon, US and Iraqi forces
have met with sporadic small-arms fire and improvised explosive devices,
and two suspected car bombs were also discovered in the area, said the
"On Thursday, Coalition Forces discovered a house wired with numerous
explosives. Fifteen explosive rounds were found inside the walls and a
40-pound charge was also discovered in the floor of the building," the
statement added.
About 3,500 US and Iraqi soldiers participated in Operation Steel
Curtain, which started on Nov. 5, in the western al-Anbar province. The
large-scale offensive was aimed at eradicating al- Qaida fighters and
restoring security in the region.