Iraqi reporter of pan-Arab daily freed

Iraqi reporter of pan-Arab daily freed
September 13th, 2006  
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Topic: Iraqi reporter of pan-Arab daily freed

Iraqi reporter of pan-Arab daily freed
Media: AFP
Byline: N/A
Date: 13 September 2006

TIKRIT, Iraq, Sept 13, 2006 (AFP) - An Iraqi journalist for a mass-selling
Arabic language newspaper said she was released Wednesday after being
arrested for allegedly helping insurgents.

Kalshan al-Bayati, 33, of the London daily Al-Hayat, was arrested two days
ago at her home in Tikrit, the hometown of Saddam Hussein, about 180
kilometres (110 miles) north of Baghdad.

"They released me," Bayati told AFP on Wednesday.

"I was treated well. They released me after they were convinced that I had
no links with insurgents."

She said she was working on an article about the activities of insurgents in
and around Tikrit when she was detained by security forces.

The officers went to her Tikrit residence on Sunday and arrested her and her
brother Najad, a security official had told AFP on Tuesday.

Her brother remained in detention on Wednesday, Bayati said, but added that
a computer and car that they had confiscated from her were returned to her.

Bayati is a Sunni Turkmen with family ties to an Al-Arabiya satellite
television journalist, Atwar Bahjat, according to local media.

Bahjat was killed in February while reporting on the dynamiting of the
Shiite Ali al-Hadi Mausoleum in the northern town of Samarra.

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