Iraq War, please state facts with references - Page 2

September 28th, 2004  
Italian Guy
You're right Airborne, and the same can be asked about Russia, which has been targeted for years now.
The reason is, of course, that they hate us for what we ARE, not for we DO. To them, France is even worse than the US, because denies its religious roots, because makes it mandatory to hide one's religious symbols, because it's so coward (their view, not mine... ) that it chose not to defend itself.
So, it's not for what the WEST (Russia now included) does, that it is a target, but for what it IS.
September 28th, 2004  
Duty Honor Country
Originally Posted by whosewar2000
There is no such thing that war is great. Every war is sad. Especially prevention war is totally a mess. War shall always be defensive. Human being start to killing each other to death once everybody think "I shall kill you if I feel you want to kill me".
May I direct you to this article. Striking First: A History of Thankfully Lost Opportunities

Yes it talks about wars of prevention being but, but it also cites 4 instances in our history where it worked. It's a long article though.
September 28th, 2004  
I just wanted to back up the claim of how Sadam would take the children away from their parents and put them in prision until they could fight with his army. I have not only read it in a book recently written by a chaplin that served with the US Marines at the begining of the war, I have heard it from a lot of different people who were over there. I can't really put the names of who I talk to but the book is A Table In The Presence, by LT. ....Casey. (I foreget his first name and I've loaned my copy to a friend, the publisher is Integirty publishers though.)