iraq is a trial run

September 15th, 2004  

Topic: iraq is a trial run

For those curious about the future, I found a most educated view from:
Noam Chomsky , University Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, founder of the modern science of linguistics and political activist, is a powerhouse of anti-imperialist activism in the United States today. On March 21, a crowded and typical - and uniquely Chomskyan - day of political protest and scientific academic research, he spoke from his office for half an hour to V. K. Ramachandran on the current attack on Iraq.

Read the whoe story here:
September 15th, 2004  
Buddha, you need to start putting your topics in the right forums, I am going to start deleting the ones that are misplaced. You also need to present at least some sort of a thesis statement in your topic openers so we can get a better ide of what you are talking about and what your point is.
September 16th, 2004  
Airborne Eagle
Oh, goodie!

A Chomsky lover.

Brace yourselves, folks.
September 16th, 2004  

Topic: Re: iraq is a trial run

Originally Posted by captainbuddha
Noam Chomsky
That's all I needed to see ... [X]
September 22nd, 2004  
Anyone else noticing a common theme to buddha's postins? LOL! I am not sure whether to be amused or offended.
September 23rd, 2004  
I like him. He makes me laugh