Iraq bomber "duped" into attacking civilians

May 28th, 2005  
Duty Honor Country

Topic: Iraq bomber "duped" into attacking civilians

This guy says he was hired to blow up and kill americans. He seems shocked his bomb was used to kill Iraqis. Didn.t his mom ever teach him not to play with fire????

By Qassim Abdul-Zahara, The Associated Press
BAGHDAD Wisam Younis' sole ambition in life, he said Friday, is to kill Americans. So he claimed surprise when he discovered his car bomb had killed eight Iraqis and wounded more than 80 outside a Baghdad restaurant.

Younis and brothers Badr and Yassin Shakir are charged with murder and face the death penalty in the May 23 attack.

"We did not know that the attack would target innocent people and we were deceived. We were eluded by enthusiastic ideas and money," said Younis, barefoot and with bruised and swollen hands. An insurgent leader promised him $1,500 for the bombing, he said.

"Our doctrine is to wage jihad against the Americans," Younis, wearing a stained beige traditional robe, told an Associated Press reporter as police stood over him. "Driving out the occupiers is the demand of all Iraqis... I wish to die in the battlefield instead of prison."

May 28th, 2005  
What did he think?

His bomb would explode and magically only American soldiers would be injured?
May 28th, 2005  
Molly Pitcher
Blow up in front of an IRAQI restaurant and not kill Iraqis? Duh!
May 28th, 2005  
Hello Osama bin Dumb this is the Real World Calling:

You are working for Terrorist Swine who don't care who they kill!

"Driving out the occupiers is the demand of all Iraqis..."
This guy is still major league unclear about what he is doing.

As my Drill Sergeant used to say: " You are just dumber than dirt!"

"...I wish to die in the battlefield instead of prison."
This can be arranged, we have lots of ammo