Iranian press: Drone replica proves 'nightmare has become reality'

May 12th, 2014  
News Manager

Topic: Iranian press: Drone replica proves 'nightmare has become reality'

Iran has unveiled its own copy of an American stealth drone it captured in late 2011, claiming to have cracked the “secrets” of the bat-wing craft and added weapons capabilities. Today, Fars News Agency reported that while Iran’s duplicate of the US RQ-170 Sentinel drone*was smaller, it also had a “bombing capability to attack the US warships in any possible battle.” The story in Persian was headlined: “America’s nightmare has become reality.” *State television showed footage*on Sunday*it said was of a US aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf*filmed by an Iranian drone. The drone replica was unveiled at an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) exhibition*on Sunday, where*Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was*briefed on how*the drone, its systems, and structure had been reverse-engineered. Aerospace chief*Amir Ali Hajijadeh*said today that they are working on two more models of the replica drone.


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