Iranian Fighters to Fly with Russian Engines

October 17th, 2007  

Topic: Iranian Fighters to Fly with Russian Engines

Iranian Fighters to Fly with Russian Engines
// Iran buys 50 engines to equip domestically manufactured aircrafts
A major deal to sell turbo-jet engines to Iran is to be signed during the upcoming visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Tehran, a Kommersant source reported. The deal will help Tehran to set up the serial output of its domestically manufactured jets. Russia in its turn hopes to gain access to an up-and-coming market. However, this is most likely to bring a chill to relations with the United States which is unhappy about Russiaís cooperation with the Iranian regime.
A Kommersant source reported that a deal may be signed to supply Iran with 50 RD-33 turbo-jet engines produced at the Chernyshev Moscow Machine Works for MiG-29 planes during Vladimir Putinís visit to Tehran.

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October 18th, 2007  
Wondering what P80 would say something about this...

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