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September 24th, 2004  
Don't let him gas ya Blitzer. He's got an agenda and he won't be swayed nor will he sway you.
What started out as a discussion on the possible ramifications of Irans nuke program has become a forum for certain individuals to express their Anti-US sentiments.
Don't let em get to ya.
September 24th, 2004  
for gos sake, xman....enough with the "western mental" crap....what about the mental of an Irani govronment that supports suicide attacks. no, the world dose not revolve around the US, or Israel. but both will do what they can todefend their citizens and intrests. Iran has said before it wishes to destroy Israel. they will bring a nuclear war on the middle east. i guss you will blame israel afterwards.
September 24th, 2004  
Duty Honor Country
Originally Posted by xman
Isn't Iran a state?Apparently that Western mental can not be unbiased.Because you don't like Iran and you are under the influence of jews propaganda for a long time.
Off Topic:
Was there a need to even bring up "Jewish propaganda?" If you want to talk about propaganda, go to That site has been extrememly quiet about the Iran issue. They did publish an article on Israel buying bombs while saying nothing about Iran's defiance. BUT look at the political cartoon at the botton of that page. Remember, aljazeera is where a majority of the Middle East gets its news.

On Topic:

The UN is going to take a stab at Iran. It seems the EU is fed up with Iran. BUT Russia says it firmly believes that Iran is not trying to develop weapons grade uranium. China has yet to say anything on the topic.
September 25th, 2004  
Those cartoons were strange, if not a little misinformed. I feel a heavy anti-west sentiment. I feel quite a bit angry about the one with Vladimeer Putin standing around snapping his fingers while recieving medals for each attack in Russia.
September 25th, 2004  
Those cartoons were hilarious. Al Jazerra is freakin' nutz!
September 25th, 2004  
Unfortunately,for you americans, your main problem that American people having superficial points on the matters.

Irans nukes is a result.The main problem that america couldn't be fair on the matter of between Palestinians and Israel.

Americans has only supported to the Israel even with Israels wrongs.America is watching the matters of middle east with Israels eyes.American mediations was not realist on the matter of palestinians.It was show-piece.
Israel got many enemies from muslim world as a result of one side of her politics.One of them is Iran.Again,Irans nukes is a result of politics with one side of America and Israel on the matters of the middle east.

As additional, I am absolutely not supporter of terrorism.But terrorism is also a result.


America must have balanced politics on the world if she wants to sleep at ease.
September 25th, 2004  
Israel got many enemies from muslim world as a result of one side of her politics.One of them is Iran.Again,Irans nukes is a result of politics with one side of America and Israel on the matters of the middle east.
Israel this, Israel that...dont BS us xman. Iran went to war with Iraq, definetly not because of harm by Iraq to the Palestinians. Fact is, before those crazys took power in Taharan, Iran was a friend of Israel. Iran used chimical weapons on its muslim Iraqi fow. Fact is that the Iranian gov dosent give a rats a$$ about the Palestinians or even their own people.

America must have balanced politics on the world if she wants to sleep at ease.
Who are you to tell the USA or Israel what to do? First let the muslim world be governd by people that are elected, not people who kill their way into power(this is not true about your country, but its true for the other muslim nations). When the muslim govs work for their people and not for the financial benefit of their leaders, maybe you can lecture the western democracys. Iran is a country ruled by fundamentalists. I do believe lunatics and weapons of mass destruction dont combine well.
September 25th, 2004  
Originally Posted by xman
Unfortunately,for you americans, your main problem that American
Bear in mind that Sherman is Israeli, Redleg (the admin of the forum) is Norwegan and you have lots of other nationalities. We're not ALL Americans.
September 25th, 2004  
This maybe terrible news for Iran:

U.S. to provide 5,000 Precision-Guided Bombs to Israel BY DAVID WOOD
Sept. 23, 2004

WASHINGTON -- Amid growing concern that Israel might launch a pre-emptive
strike against Iran's budding nuclear program, the United States is moving ahead
with the transfer to Israel of 5,000 heavy, precision-guided bombs, including
500 "earth-penetrating" 2,000-pound bombs designed for use against underground

The $319 million arms transfer, proposed by the Bush administration June 1,
went ahead after Congress took no action during its 30-day review period, Jose
Ibarra, a spokesman for the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, said
Wednesday. The deal is being financed from this year's $2.16 billion military
assistance grant to Israel.

The transfer also includes 2,500 2,000-pound Mark-84 bombs, 500 1,000-pound
Mark-83 bombs, 1,500 500-pound Mark-82 bombs and live fuses. All the bombs are
being fitted with the Joint Direct Air Munitions (JDAM) kit which uses
inertial guidance and beacons from U.S. military Global Positioning Satellites for
deadly accuracy.

"That's an arsenal for war," said Joseph Cirincione, senior associate for
non-proliferation at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in
Washington. He said any attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, clustered in three major
complexes and dozens of other sites, "wouldn't be a pinprick strike; it would
have to be a large-scale military airstrike that would result in large-scale

Asked Wednesday about Iran's nuclear program and the potential for an Israeli
pre-emptive strike, Secretary of State Colin Powell told reporters the United
States is trying to use "diplomacy and political efforts to stop this
movement on the part of the Iranians toward a nuclear weapon." He did not directly
address U.S. transfers of advanced munitions to Israel.

Some U.S. officials acknowledge privately that the Bush administration is
split on how to react to Iran's apparent intention to obtain nuclear weapons,
with some advocating forceful military action and others pushing for concerted
international diplomatic pressure. Powell said Wednesday he expects the issue to
be referred to the U.N. Security Council if there is no resolution within a
month. Economic sanctions against Iran could follow.

War games run at the CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency to examine the
repercussions of a military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities have
consistently reached a chilling conclusion: Iran would unleash a wave of terrorism
against Israeli targets worldwide and against U.S. troops in the Middle East. Some
140,000 American military personnel are currently stationed adjacent to Iran
in Iraq and Kuwait.

Iranian missiles have the range to hit U.S. bases in the region.

An Israeli strike, and the wider war it might touch off, also could send oil
prices skyrocketing and jeopardize the global economy, analysts say.

Jay Greer, an official at the State Department's political-military bureau,
which oversees arms sales and transfers, said giving the weapons to Israel
"will in our view enhance U.S. national security and foreign policy interests and
help maintain Israel's qualitative military edge in the region."

Asked whether the transfer makes sense amid the growing confrontation over
Iran's nuclear program, Greer said, "I can't talk about that."

Israeli officials have said allowing Iran to develop nuclear weapons would
threaten Israel's very existence. Last fall, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz was
reported saying that "under no circumstances would Israel be able to tolerate
nuclear weapons in Iranian possession."

Iran, which insists its efforts are aimed only at developing reliable
electric power sources, this week said it has begun a critical step in processing
uranium into nuclear reactor fuel or nuclear bomb material: converting uranium
ore, or "yellowcake," into gas. In gas form, uranium can be run through
high-speed centrifuges to separate out the concentrated or "enriched" uranium.

That material, which terrorists could pack around a conventional explosive to
make a "dirty bomb," is highly regulated by the International Atomic Energy

This past weekend, the agency demanded that Iran immediately stop all
uranium-enrichment processing. In reply, Iran announced Tuesday it was starting the
process of converting some 37 tons of yellowcake into gas.

Military analysts say any Israeli pre-emptive strike would entail destruction
not only of Iran's nuclear reactors under construction at Bushehr and Arak
and the gas centrifuge facility at Natanz, but would target mobile missile
launchers, strike aircraft and other weapons in order to prevent a retaliatory

An attack of that scope would take two to three days of continuous
airstrikes. Intelligence assessments suggest Israel would drop at least 3,000
precision-guided munitions.

Under the U.S. Arms Export Control Act, countries receiving American weapons
are allowed to use them for internal security, legitimate self-defense or for
"preventing or hindering the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction."

An Israeli source in Washington, speaking on condition of anonymity, said
Israel purchases military equipment "on an ongoing basis" from the United States
but added, "We cannot confirm any specific deals."

A Pentagon memorandum discussing the arms transfer said it would help
"improve the security of a friendly country that has been and continues to be an
important force for political stability and economic progress in the Middle East."

Related link:

September 25th, 2004  
Could be bad news indeed.