Iran Military Advancements/News - Page 18

February 10th, 2016  
Good thing about Iran, they struggled for long time. And were looking for a partner. After the banned from international community.

In 2002, Germany was doing 80 billion$ trade with Iran. And it was reduced to few million (after the sanctions). This isolation prepare them for a long term future, including strong allies Russia and China. From there, onward, they started monetizing their defense, economy and reformative sectors.

After the sanctions are uplifted in December 2015, Iran will show a new 'Persian Empire'. There are multiple issues that need quick solution, including low employment ratio, infrastructure and health sectors. The most important is the conservative control and lack of democracy.
February 15th, 2016  
I haven't been following the latest development.
Does the latest T-90 (Now Iran wanna buy it) and M1 variants come with APU installed in which the tank does not need a running Main engine to operate all its systems?

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