Iran Daily Brief- Iran's Revolutionary Guards are part of the repression of dissiden

March 1st, 2012  

Topic: Iran Daily Brief- Iran's Revolutionary Guards are part of the repression of dissiden

Iran's Revolutionary Guards are part of the repression of dissidents in Syria

Supreme Leaderís Advisor on International Affairs: Iran strongly supports Syria; IRGC Al Quds Force plays key role in Islamic Awakening Ė Top advisor to the Supreme Leader on international affairs and Director General of the World Islamic Awakening Association, Ali Akbar Velayati, reiterated in the IR...GC cultural conference on the Islamic Awakening that Iran continues to support Syria.

In comments he made that were not fully published in the media, Velayati addressed the key role played by the IRGC Al Quds Force in promoting the Islamic Awakening (the Iranian term for the Arab Spring), stressing that ďwithout the assistance of our Al Quds brothers, this would not be the case. Al Quds Force fighters, with their tremendous experience gained during the Iran-Iraq War and given their obedience to the Velayat e-Faqih (Guardian Jurist) and desire to sacrifice themselves, have become one of the most influential players in the Islamic Awakening.Ē
March 14th, 2012  

Topic: Are western counties honest?

Who do you think are interfering in Syria? Who are saying that we should help the Assadís opponents and give them weapons? And before they said this, they had given them. Do you think the western counties want to help Syrian people to establish democracy in their country?!! If they want why they donít want this in Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan and a lot of other dictatorship governments???
The answer is clear. They are liar. They just want to keep and increase their illegitimate profits in these counties. Saudi Arabia and Qatar that havenít hold up any election in their countries and are the most repressive governments in the world, want to help Syrian to have democracy in their country!!!!!
Donít forget the Bahrainís people are being suppressed by Ale-Khalifeís forces which are helped by Saudi Arabia forces now. Why? Because the fifth US navy base is there and they donít want Iran have a position there.
And about the news. I donít want to say Iran doesnít interfere in Syria but I can say if Iranians do this, they donít say it in an international conference openly!

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