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No, there is no danger for USA to be invaded 43 39.45%
Yes, there is a threat for USA to be invaded 10 9.17%
No, there is no danger at the moment, however such threat can arise in a future 46 42.20%
USA is already invaded!!! 10 9.17%
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April 24th, 2012  
Originally Posted by
in might happen. like in the modern warfare games. major terriost attack in russia, amerincan left dead by terriosts to make people believe americans did it, russians start clubbing every american they see. russia as victim, so no one says much when the bombs (conventional) fall on us soil.

You are joking right? MW2 pissed me off sooo much due to how unreal it was. I know its a game and all, but don't BS me lol.

It is impossible (at the moment) for Russia to actually stage such an attack. It would be a suicide mission. The logistics is frightening. It would take a huge buildup to even think of invading U.S from Russia, that it would be impossible to miss.
May 1st, 2012
yeah i dont own it i frind of mine has it. crappy game...
i also said might. and although that way is REALLY unlikely i think that the us will be indanger of being invaded in the future. who knows, canada might invade tomorrow...

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