Introduction, Greetings!

May 22nd, 2016  
HK Yan

Topic: Introduction, Greetings!

Greetings all,
I am a 62 years old retiree living in NYC/USA. I was originally from British Hong Kong. I have a strange background. I was schooled in "Rule Britannia" mentality, when I was in Hong Kong and later when I immigrated to the US , its " USA the super power ". I can't believe I live to witness history in the making - the declining of the British empire for the last 50 years, and now the declining of the US as a world superpower. The rising of the China power, then with Islamic terrorism seeping in here and there, more and more. I wonder what will become of the world in another 50 years.
I am here to interact with all so to enrich my keen love of all things 'militaria' , heck, thanks to the internet, the world is THAT much smaller.

HK Yan
May 23rd, 2016  
Cne C
You're welcome
May 23rd, 2016  
Welcome to the forums!
May 25th, 2016  
Welcome to our humble abode.....

May 25th, 2016  
Hello! Welcome!!
May 26th, 2016  
G'day mate.
May 27th, 2016  
Welcome aboard.

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