Introduction of a Blog of Potential Interest on British Airborne Forces

April 22nd, 2011  

Topic: Introduction of a Blog of Potential Interest on British Airborne Forces

To the Forum Membership,

Iíve finally been able to drag myself into the 21st Century, albeit kicking and screaming, developing a blog page. Have incorporated the four guides I had already published on e-Bay, which included two on collecting WWII British Militaria (focus being on airborne and combined operations forces), and two on collecting W. Britains toy soldiers. In the blog format I am not constrained to the number of images and words, as is the case with the e-Bay venue. In addition, I have also included the full analysis I had developed on the operational planning conducted for Operation Market-Garden, which hopefully will prove of interest from a historical perspective. There are also some additional discussions of other aspects of the Battle of Arnhem.

Iím initially focusing the blog on the membership of the British and Commonwealth Military Badge Forum and the Treefrog Treasures Toy Soldier Forum. Some of you, who may participate in either forum, may have already visited the e-Bay guides, and fortunately have provided encouragement, which has prompted this additional effort.

For those who may be so inclined the address of the blog is; I would welcome comments, good, bad or indifferent, as well as any suggestions regarding the expansion or direction of the blog.

Comments are most welcome, and may be left by scrolling to the bottom of the page looking for either the word "COMMENTS" or an open Comments window. Hope to see and hear from some of you there.

Best regards,
Arnhem Jim
April 23rd, 2011  
Welcome aboard.
April 23rd, 2011  
April 25th, 2011  
Team Infidel

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