Intro To Me :salute2:

February 28th, 2016  

Topic: Intro To Me :salute2:

I'm Cadet Blair, with the AJROTC Alpha Company. I'm the Female Drill Team Leader/ Color Guard Commander, a Raider Team member, and on the Shooter Team. Hoo-ah! All is going great and I look forward to joining the UNITED STATES ARMY in two years! *cheering and applause*
My only struggle is with the slight faze of sexism and the mistaking female "McCarthyists" who think the commanders or male instructors have a bad view on them due to their gender.
Since I'm on the Raider team, I saw it first hand; a girl who was not ready trying to join the team, being declined, then charging after my Commander saying he was a sexist. Obviously, anyone with good judgement could see that this wasn't the problem. However, he was forced to let her join the team because our school's policy is too liberal to permit good judgement.
Needless o say, we didn't do well, I became less active on the team, not going to practice because of intolerance of this one girl, who, eventually quit.
There's me, my main story, and the rest is yet to occur.
February 28th, 2016  
Cne C
You're welcome
March 8th, 2016  
Welcome to the forums (even if it's a bit late...)
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Welcome to IMF...

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Welcome to the forums!


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