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August 15th, 2006  
Originally Posted by moving0target
You can have both. I actually still have IE on my system, though I never use it. It is removable, though. (Remember the lawsuit?)
Open up your task manager and end the process called explorer.exe and see what happens

Internet Explorer is windows is everything why do you think you can type internet addresses from viewing your dirves...

This is why IE loads up instantly (it is already running, Windows Explorer = Internet Explorer)....Thus why secruity holes in IE are soooooo bad....


You can remove the web browser, but you really dont it just makes it look like you have....It is complex... You are also gonna want to keep IE if you ever need to do anything on Micrsofts site or any of their affiliate sites...

And yes I'm aware of the United States vs. Microsoft where the US thought users should be bale to remove IE...

See Microsoft made it look like IE was seperate but it really isnt...It is your desktop, file browser, everything...

on a side note I hope I'm not coming off as a prick, I say this because I have been having a bad week soooo if you feel that is so please do not

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