International Court of Justice to trial american soldiers ? - Page 4

July 29th, 2004  
Mark Conley
law..and justice. sounds like the two should go together, right?

I have found out quite painfully over the years tis isn't really so. The law is the legal part of the system, designed to apprehend, hold, process, determine if action is needed, try, and sentence a person if a crime has been committed. You might get justice as a side effect if if you can prove your innocence or his guilt as appropriate to the situation.

there really isn't such a thing as a one size fits all legal system all over the world. what is law in one country is smoke in another country. Now, with the international court, i can see it bumping heads in two places:

1st, what legal laws does it try to enforce as common to all countries? the geneva accords? United Nations mandate?

2. In america, there is some semblance of right an individual has. I'm not sure what right a person would have in such a court. The only systems i know of is american and naplionic.

Anyone have a link to either of these two areas when it comes to this court?