Information Requested On The USN F-14As Versus the LARAF MiG-23MFs

March 12th, 2011  

Topic: Information Requested On The USN F-14As Versus the LARAF MiG-23MFs

I would like to know is anyone knows any detailed information on the dogfight on January 04, 1989, prior to the merge? I came across a fuzzy photograph of a poster of maneuvering before the merge but, the photo adds little information. (I am posting a copy of a photo taken of a poster at a Tail Hook meeting!) Does anyone have any additional information to add?
As for the maneuvering within twenty miles was explained when the aircrews were flown back to the USA and spoke at a press conference. (No names of the aircrew were given at that time!)
In brief, the two F-14s approached from the north while the MiG-23s from the south. The F-14s stayed low (3,000-feet to 5,000-ft) forcing the MiG radars to have to deal with the sea clutter in order to detect them and the MiGs were at 9,000-ft. to 11,000-ft. The RIO of the lead F-14 fired two Sparrow Missiles at the MiG leader, they failed to guide. The F-14 wingman called out, "breaking right"... initiating a "defensive split." (I have reasoned the F-14 leader turned left to some degree.) The MiG leader got a visual contact on the F-14 wingman and breaks left, dives to pursue the F-14 wingman. The MiG wingman remained at a higher altitude to cover his leader. The F-14 wingman, seeing the MiG leader diving at him, then pulled a "5G" -180 turn passing the MiG leader going in opposite directions. The F-14 wingman pulled up and from five miles fired a Sparrow Missile from head-on to kill the MiG wigman. Meanwhile the F-14 leader had worked his way around and was trying to catch up with the MiG leader. The F-14 leader fired a Sidewinder to shoot down the MiG leader.
Two good chutes were seen but, the LARAF SAR failed to find the pilots.

As I said, I am looking for more information on the maneuvering leading up to when the four fighters were twenty miles apart.
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