The Indonesian Air Force buying again

November 9th, 2007  

Topic: The Indonesian Air Force buying again

The Indonesian Air Force is looking for aircraft which seems to be the norm in the last four or five years. There looking to replace American made OV-10 Broncos, (4) flyable out of (12), and F-5 (2) OUT (12) Tigers still flying. Quote: The Air Force said it nominated either Russian Sukhoi-25 or Canada's Super Tocano to replace the Broncos. While the MK-53 is likely to be replaced with L-159 from the Czech Republic. First to come to mind is why isn't Russia pushing there Yak-130 here? Russia a few years ago was offering on paper a newer upgrade Su-25 named/called Su-39, no production was completed as far as I could find. Maybe some upgraded Su-25 could be found or more Su-30s will be sold either way looks like Russia locking down another sale here.

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