Indian Navy Pictures thread.

May 9th, 2012  

Topic: Indian Navy Pictures thread.

Hello,i'm opening this thread for pictures on the indian navy.
The indian navy is the world's fifth largest naval force and is currently undergoing a massive modernization programme.
As of now it posseses 13 guided missile frigates,8 guided missile destroyers,1 aircraft carrier,14 SSKs diesel elctric subs,1 SSN nuclear attack submarine,24 corvettes,10 amphibious warfare vessels,29 patrol vessels,8 minesweepers,10 fleet tankers and other auxillaries.And the naval aviation arm.

The modernization programme envisions the IN to field a force
of 18 missile frigates,12 heavy corvettes/light frigates,12 corvettes,10 destroyers ,3 aircraft carriers,16 ssks,2ssns,3ssbns and other forces by 2020.
Hope to post pics of the new arrivals continously here.
Pictures from next post.
May 9th, 2012  

INS Viraat

070905-N-6106R-310 by Konigstigere, on Flickr

VIraat pictured on a multinational exercise with the USN,japanese,singapore and australian navies.

Viraat8 by Konigstigere, on Flickr

Viraat3 by Konigstigere, on Flickr

dsc01777x by Konigstigere, on Flickr

Lady on board the viraat.

SRKL3471-1 by Konigstigere, on Flickr

Sea harriers on board the viraat.These harriers have had a mid life upgrade with improved avionics and new israeli DERBY bvr aams.

1S2W0534 by Konigstigere, on Flickr

The viraat crew.

Harrier12 by Konigstigere, on Flickr

Pilots of the sea harriers.
May 9th, 2012  

INS VIRAAT.[Giant/gargantuan in sanskrit]

The ex HMS hermes it is the flagship of the IN.It has been heavily upgraded undergoing 5 mid life refits.It is slated to be retired 2015 with the induction of the INS vikraant or indegenous aircraft carrier-1.

Class and type: Centaur class aircraft carrier Displacement: 23,900 tons standard
28,700 tons full load Length: 226.5 m (743 ft) Beam: 48.78 m (160.0 ft) Draught: 8.8 m (29 ft) Propulsion: 2 x Parsons geared steam turbines; 4 boilers with 400 psi, 76,000 shp Speed: 28 knots (52 km/h) Range: 6,500 mi (10,500 km) at 14 knots (26 km/h) Complement: Maximum 2,100;
1,207 ship's crew,
143 air crew Sensors and
processing systems: 1 x BEL/Signaal RAWL 02 air radar
1 x RAWS 08 air/surface radar
2 x BEL Rashmi navigation radars
1 x EL/M-2221 STGR fire control radar
1 x Plessey Type 904 radar
1 x FT 13-S/M Tacan system
1 x Graseby Type 184M hull-mounted sonar Electronic warfare
and decoys: 1 x BEL Ajanta ESM
2 x Knebworth Corvus chaff launchers Armament: 2 x 40mm Bofors AA guns

16 x Barak SAM VL cells Aircraft carried: Up to 30 aircraft, including

The sea harriers have been upgraded with israeli avionics suite and derby bvrs.The ship was upgraded with new propylsion system,EW suite,chaff launchers,radar,16 VLS barak-1 Point defence systems from hangar.
Still the ship is old and though capable of service till 2020 is expected to be retired by 2015.
May 9th, 2012  

20100818VARYAGDRYDOCKED by Konigstigere, on Flickr

detail177097 by Konigstigere, on Flickr

vikram-10 by Konigstigere, on Flickr

vikram-01a by Konigstigere, on Flickr

IMAG0733 by Konigstigere, on Flickr

vikram-13 by Konigstigere, on Flickr

vikram-15 by Konigstigere, on Flickr
Mig-29k 4++ gen fighters for the vikramaditya.
It will carry 16-24 of these plus.6-12 ASW and AEW helicopters.Total 30 aircraft.

vikram-23 by Konigstigere, on Flickr

vikram-19 by Konigstigere, on Flickr

Vikrmaditya is about to go sea trials and will join the indian navy in december 2012.It will replace viraat as the flagship of the indian navy.
May 9th, 2012  
INS Vikramaditya[Brave as the sun]

Class and type: Modified Kiev class aircraft carrier Displacement: 44,570 tons full load[3] Length: 283.1 m overall Beam: 51.0 m Draught: 10.2 m Propulsion: 4 shaft geared steam turbines, 140,000 hp Speed: 32 knots (59 km/h) Range: 13500 miles at 18 knots (33 km/h) Armament: 8 CADS-N-1 Kashtan CIWS guns Aircraft carried: 16-24 Mikoyan MiG-29K
10 helicopters, possible mix of
Ka-28 helicopters ASW,
Ka-31 helicopters AEW, [4]
or HAL Dhruv
May 15th, 2012  
Thanks for the pics Austerlitz....aila who's the girl on Viraat

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