Indian Army Training pictures - Page 2

November 21st, 2004  
I checked that global security link you posted, and the facts + figures they have on that page for both IAF and PLAAF are hopelessly out of date. The projected inventory is way out of wack as well
November 21st, 2004  
OK, thanks rajkhalsa for the info. You seem to be very well informed about Indian Army

November 21st, 2004  
I've always been a fan of militaries and geopolitics

Plus like my entire family in India is in the military, in the defense sector, or involved in researching a form of pepper spray for Indian police

I hope to join US Army Reserves once out of college myself
November 21st, 2004  
Heya ,

yup you are doign a great job scaring them people away .

here are some pictures form the Indian Army traning ...............of other kind............ the Fair Sex

Cadets attend a weapons training session at an army camp

women officer-trainees undergoing lessons in using the 9mm Carbine 1A sub-machine gun.

a bit bigger . to hotlink

weapons training session.

Passing Out Parade. They are in the Army now(again a bit bigger)

November 21st, 2004  

BSF's Camel Corps ...................with all their Colors

The ceremonial regimental dress. of Indian Army is quite Colorful and each regiment has a different one .. i will try to dig out a few og them.

November 21st, 2004  
-=The Parachute Regiment=-

November 21st, 2004  
In some photos there using the FN rifle outlawed by Genevia
November 22nd, 2004  
FN FAL is outlawed by Geneva convention?? I don't think that's correct.... its still in use with many nations to this day, and civilian versions can be bought in gun stores in the States, easily enough...

Anyhow, the FAL is being phased out of the IA, being replaced by INSAS
November 22nd, 2004  

November 22nd, 2004  
Here are some pics of recruits of another regiment in training. In this case, from 11 Gorkha Rifles

Weapons Training


Soldier going through the punishment drill for failing to meet the exacting standards set during training

Soldier sharpning his khukri, Gorkha knife

Clowning around during graduation ceremony of GR officers

Combat martial arts training

Yelling regemental oath and motto

Giving the regemental war cry

Training for mountain warfare

Training on obstacle course

Fording rapids

Live-fire exercise using real ammunition

Concealment exercise

Learning to use Kukhri

Indian Army Jawans are trained to never leave a man behind in combat

Bayonett Training

Training at the world-renowned Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School (CIJWS)

Only after passing all levels of training can an IA Jawan graduate, and take the Regemental Oath. 11 GR soldiers can only have the honor of carrying the Kukhri after passing training

Regemental Passing out parade of new recruits

Saluting his comrades killed in battle in Kashmir