India & USA military relationship - Page 3

October 30th, 2004  
Mixed Formation Air to Air Photos:
^ IAF MiG-27 and USAF F-15C
^ USAF F-15Cs and IAF Mirage 2000
^ USAF F-15Cs and IAF Su-30Ks
^ USAF F-15C and IAF Mirage 2000
^ IAF MiG-27s and USAF F-15Cs
^ IAF Su-30Ks, USAF F-15Cs and IAF Mirage 2000s
^ USAF F-15Cs and IAF MiG-21upg Bisons
^ USAF F-15Cs and IAF MiG-29s
^ Friends Flying High: IAF Su-30Ks and USAF F-15C

October 30th, 2004  
Sorry if I posted too many pictures. I'm not sure if this is the rite forum for it?
October 30th, 2004  
LOL, that's a lot of pics!! Of course it s the right forum for it since its pics of exactly what we're taliking about -- USA and India military cooperation, etc.
October 30th, 2004  
Wonderful pix, thanks for sharing.
November 9th, 2004  
Originally Posted by rajkhalsa
Sorry if I posted too many pictures. I'm not sure if this is the rite forum for it?
Great Pictures!

But it would have been nice if you only post links to the images next time, so visitors using dial-up can have a chance to open and view the thread as well..

(I've changed them for you now)
November 9th, 2004  
Nice job Raj,
Maybe you and Xion can answer my question for me. If the US asked India, would they help out with Iraq and the rest of the War on Terror?
November 9th, 2004  
The main problem with the US-India relationship is Pakistan.We don't want Pakistan as an ally of USA against the war on terror as almost everyone knows (including Iran, Afghanistan) that its a backstabber.
The general notion amongst people here is that Pakistan was in more need of an attack by USA than Iraq, but still it gets excused everytime, the USA overlooking whatever it does.
Instead supplies Pakistan with high tech arms and ammunition and calls it a key ally against the war on terror, WTF ?!?.
On the other hand it fiercely supports Israel which faces almost the same problems from Islamic terrorists as faced by India.

The question is, is this so called war on terror truly unbiased ?

I think there was no need to attack Iraq, its like what if USA had dropped the N-Bomb on Brazil when Japan attacked Pearl Harbour ?.

I don't think India would want to send its troops to Iraq to die for no reason as the real culprit is hiding somewhere else ( Pakistan ).(Read my post on Most Dangerous Nation In The World for more info).
November 10th, 2004  
Well it's true ties to Al Queda was one of the reasons for attacking Iraq, but it was an accumulation of reasons that eventually brought the US's wraith to the Ba'th regime.

The Pakistani government is now an ally of the US, who knows, it's probably treachery.... but the US cannot prove it. They fight with the taliban and al queda. True, they spawned the taliban, but we can only see that they have turned on their creation. Who would you want to fight, the US or a poor peasent militia movement (or whatever you'd call it)

Perhaps the US could make a case against Pakistan, or at least, could have. But would we really want to do that? Pakistan is huge, has a huge population, and a huge fundamentalist following.

Perhaps Pakistan is only playing to the US, but even so, supporting a corrupt Pakistani government to keep the nation together is a lot easier and less risky than toppling it and inserting a western style democracy.

Even if it is a temporary allience.
November 10th, 2004  

The outcome of the Cope India Excerise '04 was victory for the IAF....Amazingly. The USAF Pilots pointed out the the F-15s they were flying were ill equipped in Long Range Radar Capabilities. They also pointed out the IAF is also well trained in French Air-Air combat tactics. Well done IAF.
November 10th, 2004  

i replied to Lupos who asked a question which was perfectly relevant to this topic which is about military co-operation.

btw, that news is stale now