India-US war games: Mystery fighter found

September 23rd, 2005  

Topic: India-US war games: Mystery fighter found


Source:Rediff News

India-US war games: Mystery fighter found

The wreckage of an aircraft, believed to be Sea Hawk, has been retrieved during the Indo-United States joint naval exercise, which concluded in Kochi on Friday.

Though there is no exact information when the aircraft went down, it is believed to have crashed during the 1970s, Commander George Alexander and Commander Tony Sam Jose, Indian and US Naval coordinators respectively told a joint press conference on Friday.

Replying to a question, Alexander said it was difficult to confirm if it was Sea Hawk as the cockpit and tail section were missing. There are no markings on the aircraft either.

The wreckage of the aircraft, retrieved on Thursday during the sea phase of the exercise, is believed to be Sea Hawk fighter aircraft, which was in the inventory of the Indian Navy, he said. The wreckage was sighted during March this year when the Indian Navy was exercising with the French Navy, Commander Alexander said.

Commander Doyle K Hodges of the USS Safeguard, which participated in the exercise, said several joint dives were undertaken to recover the wreckage lying at a depth of about 50 metres.

After diving for four days on site, the wreckage was successfully salvaged and has been brought to the harbour on board USS Safeguard, he said.