India to Russia's lease "seal" was attack submarine,

March 19th, 2010  

Topic: India to Russia's lease "seal" was attack submarine,

According to Russian News Agency March 17, 2010 reported that, according to "Indian Times" reported that Russia has confirmed that "seal" was ready to attack nuclear submarine, leased to India for 10 years.

Last week, Russian Prime Minister Putin's visit to India after the two sides decided Russia k-152 "seal" nuclear submarine will be leased to India for 10 years. And training of the final lease contract agreement, India will send 50 crew (which includes 8-10 bit officer) went to Russia, in the "Akula" II-class submarines for training.

Indian crew will be in 15 days left for Russia, they would first "seal" of intensive training on the submarine, and then "seal" was brought back to India. "Akula" II-class nuclear submarine is considered Russia's most quiet and most aggressive attack submarine force.

The lease is the second between Russia and India in January 2004 after the signing of a contract signed. India provides a "seal" nuclear submarine in some of the construction funds, about 6.5 billion U.S. dollars. "Seal" nuclear submarine in Russia's Amur River Komsomolsk shipyard.

"Seal" nuclear submarine was originally scheduled for mid-2008 in the Indian Navy, named as "chakra (INS Chakra)" number, but was postponed due to technical reasons. After the "seal" was a submarine in November 2008 began sea trials in the event of an accident, as fire-extinguishing system failure caused by gas leak, killing 20 sailors and technical personnel were killed. After going through a comprehensive repair, "seal" was ready to
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