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June 9th, 2005  

Umm a Little Update About PAK-FA or as Russians Call it [Perspektivnyi Aviatsionnyi Kompleks Frontovoi Aviatsyi - Future Air Complex for Tactical Air Forces] ............. Russians always had those Weird names


Air Force chief Vladimir Mikhailov: Russia to flight-test 5th generation fighter 2007

KUBINKA, Moscow Region, June 8 (Itar-Tass) -- The development of the fifth generation fighter proceeds in strict compliance with the schedule and the plane will be flight-tested in 2007, the commander-in-chief of the Air Force, Vladimir Mikhailov has said.

About the condition of the Russian Air Force’s fleet of aircraft Mikhailov said, “the Air Force receives planes in sufficient numbers, there are aircraft at the reserve bases, too.”

“We are also receiving new planes, including Su-34 and Su-27SM, and others still being tested. There is nothing we can criticize these planes for.”

Russian presidential adviser Alexander Burutin told reporters that the Russian Air Force by 2012 will have up to 60 percent of new aviation technologies.

“A new armament program has been developed and we shall achieve this parameter by 2010-2012,” he said.

India HAs a Lot To gain form this Project .......... It's not Just the PAK-FA that is Important ............. PAK-FA is Being Developed For Export ......... Make MOney ........... But India has Some other Things to gain as well one of those is the Experience we will get .......valuable Experience that can be used in improving our Own M.C.A (MEDIUM COMBAT AIRCRAFT)

MCA is India's Try as Building our Own Fourth or maybe a Figth genereation Fighter Aircraft.........It is a twin engine, tail less, multi-role fighter with the main objective of air superiority, it will feature a internal weapon bay and RCS reduction features. Right now it is still in early stages of development ............. The Above Sketch is not the Final Design .. Just the Basic Framework that will be worked Upon .... as you can see it clearly lakes Some basic Issues that even being a NOvice i can too figure out ...... One Big Problem is it will have to be a glider witout Engines to have a Internal Wepons bay ........ or if they Are Planning One Top of Another like in Some Bombers ........ then if the Lowest Missel refuse to Go somehow it will make the whole wepon system useless........ it either needs a Bigger Bottom or Wepons needs to be outside ......