India navy plane crashes at air show, killing pilots

March 3rd, 2010  

Topic: India navy plane crashes at air show, killing pilots

An Indian naval plane has crashed at an air show in the city of Hyderabad killing both pilots, the navy says.

Footage showed the plane flying in formation before crashing in a densely populated area near the showground.

A three-storey house was destroyed and other buildings damaged. Police have so far confirmed that four other people were injured.

It is not clear what caused the crash. The Indian Aviation 2010 show opened on Wednesday and runs until Sunday.

The two-seater Kiran MK-II which crashed was part of a four-plane formation.

"In the final phase, the aircraft appears to have gone out of control. They crashed into a building and the pilots have died," navy chief Adm Nirmal Verma told reporters.

The other three aircraft landed safely, the navy said. An inquiry is being ordered to find out what caused the crash, it added.

A Times of India journalist, Kingshuk Nag, witnessed the crash.

He told the BBC that the plane "went down in a manoeuvre, but could not come up".

"One pilot tried to eject but got entangled with wires and died. The other died in the crash," he said.

"Four civilians were injured, two seriously. The residential building had to be evacuated because the building developed cracks."
Short video is there too)
March 3rd, 2010  
What type? Kiran probably if it was Navy?

The modern a/c I know about, one initiated ejection sequence auto causes the other, and the "entangled" report can seriusly only relay to exterior? Seems the usual eye witness report (and we all probably would not do better, no offense meant), let see next vids (there will be, at an airshow) and PRELIM.

A friend of me who has seen more vids reports wing contact between traier (#4) with #3.

Haven´t seen another vid yet, but these comments sound off track at first glance , and the BBC vid is completely inconclusive.


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