india military part 3

February 15th, 2005  

Topic: india military part 3

see.........told u ppl the thread gonna get locked......unless u r aruging about medals...(china is in second place in last about india)

now back to india's military

dont be over reacting when i am mentioning india's problem and dragging the whole thing back to china??

wanna talk about china's mine accident? read something about india;s accident, die thousands right?

just dont drag to china whenver i mention india's problems, k? cuz that is very attidude refusing to admit mistakes but trying to drag others under water...

now back to military

can anyone explain to me why india's gun barrels burst many times and why arjun is a failure? did india's military industry improve?
February 15th, 2005  
Peter Pan
Request don't be provocative.

Admin edit:
the part 2 thread have been reopened.
More off-topic posts in there will not get it locked, but it will result in temp bans!