India just Love Bush :D

January 19th, 2005  

Topic: India just Love Bush :D


India backs Bush in global poll

India is one of just three countries which thinks the world is safer with George W Bush back in the White House, according to a BBC World Service poll.

Anti-Bush sentiment was strongest in Western European, Latin American and Muslim countries. However, in the Philippines and India the trend was reversed, with a majority viewing the election result positively.

On average 42% said the result made them feel worse towards the US people. However, countries varied widely in their results, and 25% of those polled said it made them feel better.

Global dominance
On average 47% said they now view US influence in the world as mostly negative, but 38% saw it as positive. France is often presumed to be staunchly anti-American, but only 54% viewed US influence as negative.

When asked about how they feel about contributing troops to Iraq, not a single country had a majority in favour. On average 70% of those polled were against sending troops.


The survey found that 62% of Indians thought his re-election as US president was positive for global security.

The BBC's Nick Bryant says the poll was carried out in big Indian cities where US trade benefits may have counted.

On average, 58% of respondents in 21 countries believed another Bush term made the world a more dangerous place.

'Good for business'

The poll was carried out by the Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) in conjunction with GlobeScan.

Our correspondent says Mr Bush's popularity in India seems to be borne primarily of economic necessity.

People were questioned in Mumbai (Bombay), Calcutta, Delhi and Madras (Chennai) - four powerhouses of India's fast-expanding economy.

Our correspondent says that with a growth rate of well over 6%, many Indians simply believe that the Bush administration is good for business, and that its strong desire to forge closer trade ties is a key component of India's stunning economic success.

Ahead of November's presidential election loud concerns were expressed in the Indian business community that a victory for John Kerry might sour the burgeoning economic relationship.

The Democratic candidate frequently voiced support for restrictions on US companies wishing to out-source jobs abroad.

Mr Bush adopted a much more laissez-faire approach.

US influence

The survey found that 47% of the 21,953 people questioned now see US influence in the world as largely negative, and view Americans negatively as well.

None of the countries polled supported contributing their troops to Iraq.

Just 18% of Indians were in favour, reflecting fierce opposition by both politicians and public to contributing to the military effort despite repeated US requests.

Asked about overall US influence in the world, the poll suggests Indians are also less positive, although a majority - 54% - were still in favour.

This might be explained by a certain wariness about Washington's relationship with India's rival, Pakistan, which is a key partner in America's war on terror, our correspondent says.

PIPA interviewed between 500 and 1,800 people in each of the 21 countries surveyed, plus 1,000 Americans, in face-to-face or telephone interviews.

The interviews took place between 15 November 2004 and 5 January 2005. The margin of error is between 2.5 and 4 points, depending on the country.
January 21st, 2005  
Yeah sure Indians are happy, the outsourcing favoring Lord is back in action for India lol.
January 25th, 2005  
It would better if they include Japan and South Korea, Israel, South Africa
January 25th, 2005  
According to the poll in the Phillipines. Since this country is a former colony of the United States, I was not surprised to see this.

If I was to take this poll:

1. Bush Re-election

Positive, if Bush kept his words of not attempting another pre-emptive on targetted nations such as Iran or N.Korea, then Bush is providing a positive effect for Global Security IF the Iraq Situation cools down. His notable performance would be in Afghanistan but I seriously doubt the search for OBL is completed as it requires patience and time.

2. Feelings towards Americans

Neutral, I once reside in the States for awhile and I know Americans are ordinary people as long as they don't gloat, boast, belittle, insult, or perform any activity that has a derogatory meaning to it.

3. US Influence in the World

Negative, the American Pop Culture had showed negative effects towards society several times such as Malborro, McDonalds, CoCa-Cola as they are not healthy products, providing negative effects such as Lung Cancer, Obesity. Plus, the idea of one nation dominating the world means that nations must be submissive to its demands or cause. If power is in inbalance, the rest of many things would surely follow.

4. Contributing troops to Iraq

Negative, putting more American lives in harm way is negative for the Nation itself. If men are required to guard, stabilize, and bring order within nation, the duty is supposedly belonging to the Iraqi people. Peace and freedom for Iraq at the expense of American lives?