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View Poll Results :Do you think it is more efficient to improve current aircraft or to work on developing new advanced
Improve current aircraft 2 16.67%
Develop new aircraft 5 41.67%
Focus on developing more efficient combat tactics rather than worrying about new aircraft 1 8.33%
All of the above work fine 4 33.33%
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December 16th, 2004  
If the USAF is serious about the whole Supprting Ground Forces Role they need tactics. They could take a lesson from the US Navy & Marine Aviators in that regard.
December 18th, 2004  
Remote controlled airplanes have one fatal problem. They are remote controlled.

Let us imagine a squadron of remote controlled fighters/bombers converging on some target. Now what happens when communications is jammed? Now either they have some type of back up system (like laser which requires direct line of sight) or they crash.

Human or AI piloted airplanes will not have that problem. Unlike radio controlled planes, they can act autonomously.

"To screw up is human, but it takes a machine to really f* things up"
December 19th, 2004  
I totally agree to you.Unmanned airplanes have very risk with remote control.Everytime possible affect them with fake signals.