immigrant pay

January 7th, 2004  

Topic: immigrant pay

Just for the heck of it what do people feel about equal pay for illegal immigrants in the same jobs as Americans? Or whatever the similar question would be for those of you outside the good ol US of A.
January 9th, 2004  
Any takers?
January 9th, 2004  
that's a touchy question putting aside the fact that they're Illegal i would say that as long as their qualified they should be paid accordingly.
January 9th, 2004  
I agree with you there Guardsman_Ca....
January 10th, 2004  
Why don't people like touchy questions? It's not like they bite. I stomp on every question and don't care if I look like and idiot in the process. Who cares what people think. Be assertive. Someone answer the question.
January 10th, 2004  
ok here's the mean spirited answer NO they shouldn't even be here
January 10th, 2004  
Roger. And people avoid touchy questions because they don't want to offend people, you can't go through life shooting your mouth off all the time (not referring to anyone in particular here, just making a statement).

And it's kind of a moot point in this case anyway, if anyone can regulate how much an illegal immigrant is paid, then they would have to have information on the individuals in question, and if the government had this information, they could then deport the illegals. Therefore there would be no more problem with paying illegal immigrants because there wouldn't be any. Which is why employers of less than admirable morals are able to pay illegal immigrants less.
January 10th, 2004  
There are immigrants who hae to move away from their countries though,
And should they wait helf they life before getting a greencard?

I mean, does anyone think of the children who have been through the war, they only got their parents, and the parentsonly have the money they can make by being a immigrant..

Hell.. Some immigrants here in Sweden can't even speak Swedish.

and they maybe are 50 years old when they come here for shelter and help..

And some of the political groups want Sweden to even have a demand on the immigrants to be able to read and speak Swedish as it should..

but hey, should a 75 year old man be sent home just because he ain't able to learn?

that is not fair, we cannot always look how the immigrants behave and so forth..

Yes, most of them here in Sweden rob or assault their wives and it's this and that..

But maybe it just haven't got anything with their culture to do?

Maybe it is because they are stressd inside and have a awful life..

If we poeople don't help eachother..

What will then become of us..

And I am aware that some people thnk that some people shouldn't live..

I feel that about Saddam.. (and no on else)

Look at the world war II, many peolpe wasn't against the jews, but if they were going against hitler they would die quite quickly..

It's all about pressure, and more or less brainwashing..

The human race is meant for seraching something to believe in.. Well, not maybe everyone.. But you guys know what I mean..

We shouldn't judge some other people just because they have lived in Irak.. We can at least give them a chance.. A chance to live..

Everyone can't always help how they have become.. But wecan support them and try to change them into the better.. (What now is to be better?)

And to try that without hating them, is honourable itself..

I believe in immigrant pay, even though we maybe moves backwards economicly..

But most of all, I think 60% about the children in this matter..

If we don't like them, why would we then adopt children from other countries?

I know one thing, I am going to adopt, I wan't to give them a chance I never had..

(I dunno if I got out of subject, but I think you atleast know what I ment )
January 10th, 2004  
the thing is, the US is becoming quite overcrowded.... and you have to know just as much spanish as you do english, and those of us who are citizens are losing jobs because of those who are here illegally. I know that most coutries have to learn english, but while they are at it, they might as well learn spanish cause the next thing we know, english will be americas 2nd language.... i know what they are getting at

if the countries need help, when america gets out of their $5million+ dept, we'll help them out, and go in there and kick their communist governments ass... lol i'm j/p about that
January 10th, 2004  
I will agree there are some circumstances where citizens have to leave their homeland but we have various Laws and Procedures that have to be followed. the longest running problem is with Mexican Nationals crossing U.S borders with complete disregard for our Laws and now our beloved(?) President instead of addressing the Immigration problem accordingly wants to just give them citizenship there goes Homeland security our Economy and God knows what else.
Now if this sounds Racist or mean Spirited then So Be It but I for one DON'T want to see this Country become a 3rd World Nation.