I'm back...sorta.

I'm back...sorta.
July 10th, 2005  

Topic: I'm back...sorta.

I'm back...sorta.
It finally happened. NCdt Steliga has returned to the Forums.

I'm not quite done IAP yet. However, I will be finished up here within the next 2 weeks. All that's left to do here at CFLRS is my Final Field Ex, Ex Grizzly. This is the only thing that can actually make or break me here. All I have to do is complete a leadership tasking in the exact way that I've been taught to. If I do well on that, I've got the rest of the course pretty much done.

Here's a general recap on what's happened in the last 6 weeks here at CFLRS:

Week 1: Morning PT and Inspections and distribution of our weapons.
Weeks 2-4: PT, Inspections, Leadership and weapons classes.
Week 5: NBCD Training
Week 6: Ex Badger and Ex Lynx
Week 7: Leadership classes and Ex Cougar

Overall, this has actually been a fairly easy course. I'm quite surprised. I had expected so much more out of this course. Even on our Field Ex's, there was only 1 night attack/bug out. I'm hoping that we have at least a small firefight. during Ex Grizzly.

Unfortunately, I won't be saying much within the next couple of weeks since I'll be busy with Ex Grizzly and Administration, but I'll try to keep everyone updated as much as possible.
July 10th, 2005  
Charge 7
Hey good to hear from you, Cadet! Great to see you're well on your way. I was completely sure you would be.
July 10th, 2005  
Thanks, Charge.
I'm back...sorta.
July 11th, 2005  
Good Job Man... Remember when it comes to your small party tasking, remember the acronym
S- Situation
M- Mission
E- Execution
S- Service and Support
C- Command and Signals,
But I am sure that you know that already. If you have to do more detailed orders, you Actions on the objective, the rest of your concept Of operations, you groupings and tasks, and your scheme of manoeuvre are very important to cover. And if you are doing things in a tactical sense, make sure you have a security team out.... It may look good if you do it anyway. Usually Charlie team is detailed for security. Just send them out and put them in a fire position. So the rest of the section can do their job. These considerations may be a little too advanced... But if you have any questions, let me know.
July 11th, 2005  
Italian Guy
Steliga! Great to see ya back my friend. We're still around as you can see 8)
July 16th, 2005  
SMESC will haunt me forever...I'm happy that Ex Grizzly is now over, and I'm almost finished IAP.

Since I've been out for a week, I'll fill in the details:

Day 1: First half of the small party tasking evaluations, and filling 1000/2000 sandbags for Reservists coming through in the next week.
Day 2: Final half of small party taskings, and filling rest of the sandbags as well as an attack on way back to bivouac.
Day 3: Retests for small party tasking evaluation and lessons on the swiss seat.
Day 4: Rappelling, Maritime crossing, and preparation for 13km forced march.
Day 5: 13km Forced March and return to Garrison Saint-Jean.

All in all, it was a fairly long week. We had a couple of 'gas attacks' during the days, but it wasn't really anything important. We did have one when I was just starting to eat breakfast, so that wasn't pleasant.

All that's left now is handing in my kit that I don't need for Kingston (such as my rucksack, C7, gas mask, etc...), and then I'm out of here and heading back to NS for 6 weeks until I head over to RMC Kingston.